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The Adoption Authority of Ireland is an independent body established on 1 November 2010 under the Adoption Act 2010.  The purpose of the Adoption Act 2010 is to improve standards in both domestic and intercountry adoption. Legal adoption was first introduced in Ireland under the 1952 Adoption Act.

The 1952 Act was enacted on 1 January 1953 and the Adoption Board was established under this Act.

The Adoption Board had the sole right to grant or refuse to grant adoption orders. This right is now vested in the Adoption Authority of Ireland under the current legislation. The Authority holds a file on each adoption effected in the Republic of Ireland since 1953.  We hope you find this website helpful.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website please go to the Contact Us link in the top bar and there you will find a list of useful telephone numbers and email addresses for the various units in the Adoption Authority.

There may be a number of terms or expressions used in this website which are unfamiliar to you. To assist we have produced a glossary which explains the most frequently used ones. Please click here

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