Where are records held?

Records are held both by the Adoption Agency and the Adoption Authority.
Click this link for a list of Accredited Bodies and Tusla - The Child and Family Agency

What if I don’t know my Adoption Agency?

If you don't know which agency handled the adoption, or if the adoption was organised through an agency other than those listed, please contact the our Information and Tracing Unit for assistance Tel: 1800 309 300.

Normally, it is the agency that arranged your adoption that traces your birth family.
However, we can help you make contact and reunite you with family members if your adoption was:

  • Arranged by St Therese Adoption Society, Whitefriar Street, Dublin 8 (also known as Father Flanagan)
  • If the adoption was third party (for example, if an adoption was not arranged by an agency)
  • If the adoption was a direct placement ( for example, your birth mother placed you with your adoptive parents)
  • If the adoption was a family placement (for example, you were placed with relatives)
  • If the adoption was a step-parent adoption (for example, you were adopted by your step-father or step-mother)

Please note that the Adoption Authority holds records for legal adoptions that took place in Ireland only from 1953 onwards.

I am unsure if I was formally adopted, how can I find out?

If you are unsure if a formal adoption order was made for you, you can write to the Information & Tracing Unit, provide some background details and some ID. We will check our records and confirm whether or not there is a a formal adoption order made for you.

What is the National Adoption Contact Preference Register?

The NACPR or the National Contact Preference Register is a register that checks for connections between an adopted person and natural family member.

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Where do I get an application form for the NACPR?

Application Forms
Information Booklet

If you cannot print a form from the website you can write to us or email us and we will send one to you in the post.

Published: Friday, 08 January 2016 12:25
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