Agency adoptions

If you are interested in tracing a relative and would like to avail of counselling this service is generally provided by the agency that arranged the adoption.  Many of the old adoption agencies have closed down and their records have been transferred to Tusla - Child and Family Agency.  On their website they provide a directory of the adoption agencies they hold records for and the current location of those records. Click here for details.

In the case of adoptions arranged by St Therese Adoption Society which was located in Whitefriar Street, Dublin, the Adoption Authority holds those records. 

Private/non-agency adoptions

Some adoptions were not arranged through an agency, for example where a birth mother placed her child directly with the adoptive parents or a third party assisted in placing the child with the adoptive parents. In other cases a child may have been placed with a family member who then adopted them.  

If your adoption was arranged by St Therese Adoption Society or was a non agency adoption as described above the social work team in the Adoption Authority will work with you to provide guidance, assistance and counselling while you are working towards contacting or reuniting with your birth family member.

In all other cases you need to contact the agency or body that is holding your records.

Information and Tracing Services

We highly recommend that you join the National Adoption Contact Preference Register as a first step in seeking information and or contact with a birth relative. The Social Work Team provides mediation and counselling for people who have been linked through the National Adoption Contact Preference Register.

The Information and Tracing section of this website will give you more practical information about how to begin your search for information, particularly if you are unsure of the adoption agency which arranged your adoption, or if you are unsure about whether you were formally adopted.


Useful Links

Information for Birth Mothers - preparing for contact with your adult, adopted child - Danú Birth Mothers Group


Published: Tuesday, 20 September 2016 13:40
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