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    Information and Tracing
    The Information & Tracing Unit can help you with post-adoption information and tracing. People have many different reasons for contacting us. Some are looking for information such as the date of their adoption order or family background information. Others want to pass on information to an adopted person or a birth family member - maybe just to let them know that they are alive and are enjoying a good life. The majority of people, however, would like to find and meet their birth family. The unit is made up of a number of administrative staff and social workers.

    Contact the Information and Tracing Unit:

    Telephone: 01 2309300 (option 3)
    Email: tracing@aai.gov.ie 

    Contact the Social Work unit:
    Telephone: 01 2309306 or if outside ROI, +353-1-2309306 (Lines open 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday)
    Email: SW@aai.gov.ie

    Please follow the links below for further information, including how you may join the National Adoption Contact Preference Register




    You may be thinking about taking the first step towards contact with your son or daughter. We welcome any contact from birth parents seeking information on their adopted sons or daughters. Even if you are not ready for contact, you will have important medical information...


    If you are not a birth parent but you believe a family member was adopted and you would like to provide information for them or would like to make contact with them, when you contact us you will need to provide your own identification and evidence of your connection with the person you are seeking.


    You may be thinking about taking the first step towards contacting your birth relatives, for example your birth mother, birth father or siblings. All agencies welcome any contact from adopted people searching for information. You will be able to get generic or 'non-identifying'...



    What is the National Adoption Contact Preference Register?
    The National Adoption Contact Preference Register was set up in 2005 as a way for people affected by adoption to make their wishes known about having contact with their birth family members.


    Under existing legislation, an adopted adult has no automatic access to their original birth certificate. Please read below to learn more about the steps followed by the Adoption Authority where a person has requested a copy of their original birth certificate.


    Provision of Information

    We are happy to talk to people on the phone but requests for information must be made in writing and the person making the request must provide identification. No personal information will be provided over the phone.

    We require one of the following forms of identification with a written request:

    • Passport
    • Drivers Licence or Learner Permit
    • Public Services Card
    • Student Card
    • Pension Book
    • Senior Citizens Travel Pass
    • Medical Card

    Photocopies of your chosen form of identification can be sent by post, or a scanned copy can be emailed to us. Please do not send original documents to us with your requests.

    There may be a number of terms or expressions used in this website which are unfamiliar to you. To assist we have produced a glossary which explains the most frequently used ones. Please click here

    The address for email requests is tracing@aai.gov.ie

    The address for postal requests is:

    Information & Tracing Unit,
    Adoption Authority, 
    Shelbourne House, 
    Shelbourne Road, 
    D04 H6F6

    Dublin 4


    P.O. Box 9957
    Dublin 4

    Mission Statement

    " To ensure the provision of the highest possible standards of adoption related services, throughout the lifelong adoption process, with the best interests of children as the first and paramount objective."