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    March 2018
    The Different Parts of Me
    When: 2pm – 5pm, Tuesday 27th March
    Where: Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin 22
    Suitable for: Adopted teenagers (13-15 years old)
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    April 2018
    Parenting Skills for Adoptive Parents
    When: 7:15pm - 9:15pm, Tuesday 24th April. Registration 7pm
    Where: Avila Carmelite Centre, Dublin 4
    Suitable for: Adoptive parents
    More details & booking

    Barnnardos next six session course for birth mothers will start on Monday 9th April. If you are interested in taking part please contact us for more information. If you have any questions about these events, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or by calling 01 813 4100.

    Changes to fees for RICA and GRICA extracts

    From 18 January 2018, the search fee for extracts from both the Register of Intercountry Adoptions (RICA) and Gender Recognition Register (GRICA) will be included in the €20 fee.There will be no additional search fee in either case.

    Since 1 January 2018, new rules are in place for hearings on adoption applications and applications to the High Court under section 30 and 54 of the Adoption Acts 2010 to 2017.

    To read an explanation of the rules in plain English, click here.

    New rules are in place about applying for, granting and removing declarations of eligibility and suitability. These rules came in effect on 1 January 2018.

    A Plain English guide to these rules can be found here.

    This document is in seven parts:

    1. Assessing an applicant for a declaration of eligibility and suitability
    2. Issuing a declaration
    3. Refusing to issue a declaration
    4. Reconsidering a declaration
    5. Holding an oral hearing
    6. Conducting a hearing
    7. Considering the best interests of the child

    The Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017 came into effect on 19 October 2017 after Minister Katherine Zappone signed the Commencement Order. The Amendment Act changes various parts of the Adoption Act 2010, which governs how all adoptions in Ireland are carried out.

    To read a summary of the changes made click here.

    After 26 years in operation the International Adoption Association - Ireland (IAA) will cease provision of core frontline services from close of business on 30th November 2017.  

    Adoption Authority of Ireland Press Release ‘Adoption Practice in the Aftermath of the Adoption Amendment Act’

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    From Monday 4th December 2017 the fees payable to the Adoption Authority of Ireland for searches of the Register for Intercountry Adoption (RICA) and the Register of Gender Recognition of Intercountry Adoption (GRICA) will increase.

    The fees for extracts from the Register for Intercountry Adoption (RICA) and the Register of Gender Recognition of Intercountry Adoption (GRICA) and any copies of those extracts will also increase from that date. 

    The relevant application forms have been revised and will be published on this website on Monday 4th December 2017. 



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    Mission Statement

    " To ensure the provision of the highest possible standards of adoption related services, throughout the lifelong adoption process, with the best interests of children as the first and paramount objective."

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