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HHAMA announces new Common Programme Fee Schedule with effect from 5th April 2017


30th March 2017

HHAMA has maintained the same Common Programme Fee since 2013. This fee schedule was approved by the Adoption Authority Ireland (AAI) on the basis of a subsidy payment from the Department of Youth and Children. 

That subsidy ceased in June 2015, without notice, and despite HHAMA’s best advocacy endeavours it has not been reinstated.  HHAMA has made every effort to work within the current fee's structure for as long as was practically possible but that model is no longer sustainable.

We therefore, regretfully, announce an increase in the HHAMA Common Programme fee.  This fee is the Irish portion of fees and does not change the country specific charges. The new fee of €9,500 will come into effect on 5th April 2017 and is payable in 4 stages, as outlined on the attached Fee schedule.  The new fee was approved by the Adoption Authority of Ireland on 21st March 2017.

HHAMA strives to manage and reduce costs at every opportunity and will continue to do so.  HHAMA is fully audited and monitored in all costs and expenditures by both our Auditors, Grant Thornton, and our accrediting body, the Adoption Authority of Ireland.


Revised Fee Schedule


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