Thursday, 12 November 2015 09:13

Notice - ARC, Update on file transfer

Arc Adoption Limited - Update on file transfer

The transfer of Arc client files to the Authority on a temporary basis is proceeding as planned.


The 72 files received to date include:

  • 11 pipeline cases/current adoptions in progress (Bulgaria and USA)
  • 28 withdrawn files
  • 12 completed cases (Bulgaria and USA)
  • 20 Bulgarian files awaiting referral

This afternoon the Authority will be receiving the remaining Bulgarian files awaiting referral.  Next week the Authority is due to receive the USA files awaiting referrals, in two batches.

The Authority has also requested a number of non-client files relating to dealings Arc have had with the various sending countries and their accredited agencies.

Therefore, the estimated completion date for transfer of files is 20 November 2015.

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