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Notice - HHAMA Poland programme fees

Poland Programme Fees

Pursuant to Section 6(6) of Statutory Instrument 524 of 2010, Adoption Act 2010 (Accredited Bodies) Regulations 2010, the Adoption Authority of Ireland has approved the following Poland Programme Fee for adoptions facilitated by Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency.


The Poland Programme Fee applies to the Polish costs for intercountry adoption and is additional to the €6,500 Common Programme Fee (CPF).


For translations, court interpretations, passport, birth certificates, medical examinations and other paper work.


TOTAL Poland Programme Fee   =  At cost


There is no fee for registering as a prospective adoptive parent with any of the three authorised adoption centres in Poland.


Transmission of Post Adoption Reports


Package Weight Courier Charge


>0.5kg - €50.00                >1.00kg = €65.00           >1.5kg = €75.00


Post Office Box Service


Translation of letters to birth family - €10.00 + Polish handover fee (if applicable)




Pursuant to Article 22 of the 1993 ‘Hague Convention on protection of children and co-operation in respect of intercountry adoption ‘ (HC-93), the Adoption Authority of Ireland has delegated those functions outlined in Articles 15, 16 and 17 (in part) of HC-93 to Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency in respect of adoptions from Poland.


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