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Notice - USA Arc FFTA fees

SUBJECT – FFTA USA Programme Fees

Pursuant to Section 6(6) of Statutory Instrument 524 of 2010, Adoption Act 2010 (Accredited Bodies) Regulations 2010, the Adoption Authority of Ireland has approved the following USA Programme Fees for adoptions facilitated by Arc Adoption Limited and Forever Families Through Adoption (‘FFTA’).

Article 15 Transmission                      €  4,846.97
Referral Processing                             €25,300.00
Adoption Processing                           €  1,150.00
Other (3rd. party expenses)                €11,571.97

TOTAL                                                   €42,868.94

 + Common Programme Fee                 €6,500

  1. In-country fees must be paid in US dollars, and therefore the USA Programme Fee is an estimate based on current (August 2014) exchange rates.

The number of new paid registrations accepted for a particular country by Arc Adoption Ltd should reasonably reflect the number of adoptions registered from that country since 2010. Arc Adoption Ltd will inform PAPs of these statistics.


Pursuant to Article 22 of the 1993 ‘Hague Convention on protection of children and co-operation in respect of intercountry adoption’ (HC-93), the Adoption Authority of Ireland has previously delegated those functions outlined in Articles 15, 16 and 17 (part) of HC-93 to Arc Adoption Ltd., in respect of adoptions from the United States of America.

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